Monday, March 21, 2011

Thoughts on the AD Home Design Show

We had a great time visiting the 10th Annual Architectural Digest Home Design Show this past weekend in NYC. It was nice to see so many talented New York and Brooklyn based artists and designers sharing their work. There were many amazing professionals with a lot of really unique pieces, among my favorites were Lindsey Adelman's light fixtures, Peter Harrison's Lavassa line of furniture and Patrick Weder's custom furniture (all pictured clockwise).

Seeing so many local designers made me think about our job process here at Artistic License Interiors, and I am proud to say that a large majority, about 95%, of the work completed for our jobs is done locally, right here in the borough of Brooklyn. It pretty cool to be able to say that and feels good to be supporting the creative industry surrounding us.

Today's Milieux

Photo by Marilyn Szabo : a very talented photographer

Friday, March 4, 2011

More Custom Millwork Goes In

The custom bed frame and bench unit have been installed in the client's teenage boys room at our Tribeca project. The room features custom built, modular furniture throughout with lots of storage. The bench pictured here will be fitted with an upholstered cushion to match the Ball Chair which is also going in the room.