Thursday, July 29, 2010

A Blank Canvas

The tools get delivered and we set to work. Once all the floors are bare we mark all the wall locations on the floor using spray paint. This serves as a guide for building walls and helps to get a sense of the space in life size dimensions.
Next the bottom plates and top plates are installed in the floor and ceilings to receive the wall studs. When framing with metal stud we use a "track": a U-shaped channel screwed into the floor and ceiling. In the photo you can see the top track is being installed with the help of rolling scaffolding which is straddling the bottom track.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Monday, July 12, 2010

Artistic License Explained

Lately I’ve had a lot of people asking me what it is I do for a living, trying to understand what happens.
Well it turns out the answer is more complicated than I realized.

Artistic License has many facets. This blog is charged with shedding some light on what I do, how it gets done and having some fun along the way.

Together with my staff we design, dream, plan, create, assemble, install and create beautiful functional spaces, objects, furniture, homes, bars, restaurants lights and anything else which strikes our fancy.

Recently we built a bar.
I thought it would be nice to document the process.

It all starts with Jeff and Heather- Two people fulfilling a dream.
Jeff & Heather have been saving their pennies and keeping there eye on the prize for years now….. to own and operate a great bar and music venue.

After endless research and red tape (they know more about the in’s and out’s of the state liquor authority than just about anybody after a serious crash course in the school of hard knocks) they found a raw commercial space in an up and coming neighborhood of Brooklyn just teaming with young hipsters- skinny jeans, waxed mustached, bearded and be-speckled, banjo playing, carabineer key chain wearing hipsters.
As it turns out the space is a former casket factory…BOOM a theme.

“Pine box”

BAM a concept

Think an old pine wood, rustic, raw simple functional no nonsense bar.
A place you go to sit, drink and listen to music… period.

Budgets were proposed, hacked apart sewn back together, hands shaken contracts handcocked, permits pulled etc etc

And away we go...

Day One
Step one: Deliver tools and supplies. Park inside the space (Because I can)